As the Blandford Hill Eco Hub proposals develop over the coming months, we will continue to upload on this website relevant new information and provide project updates.


After extensive consultation, detailed site planning, layout and design work, the Naturalis project team has now submitted the planning application for the Blandford Hill Eco Hub proposals to Dorset Council.

The proposals have been refined and improved over the past months to reflect feedback, for example:

  • the proposed café/shop building has been reduced in height from 2 storeys to 1 storey

  • a permissive footpath has been added that links in with a local public rights of way, enabling safe pedestrian access between the village of Winterborne Whitechurch and the eco hub

  • the proposed number of charging points has increased from 12 to 19

  • the proposed battery storage area is now fenced to screen it from view

  • the number of trees and hedges has been increased to boost the ecological benefits of the project and to further screen the eco hub from local views, while helping it blend into its rural surroundings

For our press release on the submission of the plans, please click here. The planning reference for the application is P/FUL/2021/02622 and the submitted documentation can be views on the Council’s Planning Portal.

Update 22nd April 2021: BLANDFORD HILL ECO HUB MARKS WORLD EARTH DAY: Today is Earth Day, observed around the world to celebrate the birth of the environmental movement in 1970 and to create awareness about key environmental issues affecting all of us, such as climate change. This year's theme is "Restore Our Earth", which shines the spotlight on the role that emerging green technologies have to play to restore the world's ecosystems.  


Development Director for the Blandford Hill Eco Hub, Matt Partridge, commented: "We have only one planet and we need to ensure it can sustain us. It is important to celebrate Earth Day, to mark the efforts that are taking place globally to live more sustainably and stop depleting our natural resources. The shift away from fossil fuels is a key step. Projects such as the Blandford Hill Eco Hub help make the transition towards clean energy and electric driving a reality."


Some more than others, but governments around the globe are stepping up their game. In the United States, President Biden is hosting a world leaders' summit today to discuss what major economies can do more to tackle the climate emergency and to make the most of the economic advantages the change to green technologies can bring. Earlier this week, the UK Government announced their pledge for a law underpinning the target to slash emissions by 78% by 2035.



For more information on Earth Day, please visit

Update 19th February 2021: Naturalis are to hold an online consultation event on Thursday 4th March 2021 between 5.30pm and 7pm. With restrictions on public gatherings still in place, we will be holding a digital consultation. This online event will provide the opportunity to meet our team, learn about our proposals, ask questions and comment on the plans. The consultation will be held via Zoom and a link to the event will be placed on this website prior to the event. Please join our consultation event and share your views with us. A few days prior to the event, the home page of the project website will provide a button which, when clicked, will connect attendees to the meeting. In addition, we have posted a consultation leaflet to over 1,500 residential and commercial addresses within 5km of the site which provides a feedback form that local residents can use to share their views with us and which can be sent back to us free of charge. A copy of the consultation leaflet can be downloaded from this website.

Update 17th February 2021: Following the submission of our Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening request letter to Dorset Council on 29th January 2021. Dorset Council have considered this request and confirmed an Environmental Statement (ES) is not required. A copy of their response letter can be downloaded from this website.

In late January 2021 an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) screening request letter was submitted to Dorset Council. This details the environmental characteristics of the site and has been prepared to help inform the environmental assessments and supporting studies which will be undertaken while development proposals are considered. We expect a response from Dorset Council during February 2021 to confirm if an Environmental Statement (ES) is required.”