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The Site

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The Blandford Hill Eco Hub is to be located immediately to the south of Blandford Hill (the A354), just east of Winterborne Whitechurch. The site lies circa 6 miles south west of Blandford Forum. The site comprises four fields presently in agricultural use with mature and established boundary vegetation, which will be retained. The A354

runs along the northern boundary of the site and will form the means of access

from an existing layby. Footpath E32/6 runs broadly east-west along the

southern boundary of the proposed site near East Farm and together with

the other Public Rights of Way would be retained. The loss of the layby

parking would be offset by non-EV parking provision and improved

public facilities within the EV charging station. 

The site design for the Blandford Hill Eco Hub proposals has been refined following technical site surveys and throughout the pre-application consultation period in response to feedback from professional bodies

as well as members of the public. To view the documentation as

submitted to Dorset Council please have a look at our [Downloads]

The River Winterborne lies circa 650m to the west of the site. The site itself forms Flood Zone 1 land (i.e. land with the least probability of flooding).

There are no heritage assets or designated ecological sites within the proposed development footprint. The Dorset Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty lies to the north of the site. The site is wholly within the Dorset County Council administrative area and within the Winterborne Whitechurch Parish area. The proposal will include plans that will enhance the biodiversity of the site.

A copy of the Site Location Plan can be downloaded from this website.

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